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The Hammered Dulcimer
Rides Again

(Night of the Living Son of the Daughter of the Bride of the Hammered Dulcimer)

Here ya go, folks...
The first Bill Spence & Fennig’s All-Stars album since 1993!

It's a 2-CD set with 9 medleys, and 8 songs on the first CD. The second CD has 15 pieces from our old LPs that were left off the subsequent CDs. That's 32 fantastic Fennig bits and pieces to make your life more joyous.

In 1973 The Hammered Dulcimer with Bill and Fennig's All-Star String Band was recorded in the Spence family's living room on a 2-track machine. Home-recorded, with liner notes written by Bill, this first recording has sold over 100,000 copies.

The Hammered Dulcimer marked the beginning of Front Hall Records, which, during it’s 40-plus years existence recorded many popular folk artists, including Bill Spence, Michael Cooney, Alistair Anderson, Louis Killen, John McCutcheon, John Roberts and Tony Barrand, Rick Lee, Lorraine Lee Hammond, and Walt Michael and Company.

For over 35 years ANDY'S FRONT HALL has been a mail-order source of selected recordings, books, instruments and accessories. We're located near Albany, New York in a scenic, rural setting at the crossroads between New York City, Boston, Buffalo, and Montreal.

Tunes on “The Hammered Dulcimer Rides Again”
1. Hen’s Feet And Carrots, I Lost My Love,Aunt May’s Canadian Jig
2. The Ash Grove
3. C. M. Hall, Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine, Hunter Hill
4. Coilsfield House
5. Donald Cameron’s Polka, Griffen’s Reel, Scollay’s Reel
6. Ginny’s Waltz, Well Hall, The Furrow’s End
7. Morpeth Rant, Larry O’Gaff, Blueberry Splash
8. Carolan’s Draught
9. Fiddle Tuned Like a Viol

Songs on “The Hammered Dulcimer Rides Again”
1. Before They Close The Minstrel Show
2. He Won The Heart Of My Saro Jane
3. Come By The Hills
4. The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
5. Love Call Me Home
6. The Thing That Makes You Beautiful, Forever Young Waltz
7. Oh Had I A Golden Thread
8. Home Sweet Home, Auld Lang Syne

Tunes on “Fennig’s Redux: 1973-1981”
1. The Rose Tree, Green Fields of America, Staten Island
2. Frosty Fingers
3. Off To California, Harrison’s 1, Star of the County Down
4. Walpole Cottage
5. Still They Say She’s Kinda Pretty, Earl of Mansfield
6. Spring In The Valley
7. Bobby Shafto, You Are My Sunshine, I See The Moon
8. Star of Munster, Tom’s Reel In Minor,
9. Turkey In The Straw, Dixie

Songs on “Fennig’s Redux: 1973-1981”
1. Georgia Railroad
2. I Think Of You
3. Goin’ Back to Dixie
4. Times Are Gettin’ Hard
5. Eight More Miles to Louisville
6. Remember Me

  Classic Bill Spence Hammered Dulcimer Recordings

A Choice Selection of Friend’s Recordings
Fourgone Conclusions, Contra Dance Music from Western Massachusetts
Plus recordings by: Michael Cooney, George Wilson
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Nowell Sing We Clear
Kapriol’!, Nanne Kalma & Ankie van der Meer

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