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Classic Bill Spence Hammered Dulcimer Recordings.
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The Hammered Dulcimer
The Hammered Dulcimer
Bill Spence with Fennig�s
All-Star String Band

Includes all the instrumental cuts from our original The Hammered Dulcimer, plus 13 from Saturday Night In The Provinces. Includes Gaspe Reel, the original theme from PBS TV's Victory Garden. 42 great country dance tunes. Over 65 minutes of the feel good music folks have been talking about since 1973.
FHR302 (CD) $12.00

Tunes include: The Boys of Wexford, Scotland the Brave, Come Dance and Sing, Ragtime Annie, Sandy River Belle, The Black Nag, Childgrove, Smash the Windows, Coleraine, Haste to the Wedding, The Flowers of Edinburgh, Temperance Reel, Gaspe Reel, Fiddle Head Reel, Don Tremaine’s Reel, Dubuque, Galway Hornpipe, Rights of Man, Harvest Home, Fisherman’s Favorite, Colored Aristocracy, Over The Waterfall, Prince William, Huntsman’s Chorus, Golden Slippers, Old Joe Clark, Mississippi Sawyer, Cabri Waltz, Midnight on the Water, Jaybird, Cherokee Shuffle, Young Jane, Down the Brae, Tobin’s Favorite, Swallow Tail Jig, Off She Goes, Morgan Megan, Gallopede, Rufty Tufty, Margaret’s Waltz, The Wedding Day, Swinging On A Gate.

The Hammered Dulcimer Strikes Again & Fennigmania
The Hammered Dulcimer Strikes Again
& Fennigmania

Bill Spence with Fennig�s
All-Star String Band

An historic compilation of two great LPs. FHR303 (CD) $12.00

Tunes include: The Three Sea Captains, Old Man Dillon, Charlie the Prayermaster, Sort of Silver Bells, McCusker’s Delight, Bill Cheatum, Liberty, St. Adele’s Reel, Woodchopper’s Reel, You Married My Daughter - But You Didn’t, Planxty Erwin, Little Judique Reel, Parry Sound Reel, Mudgy Waltz, Margarvine’s Waltz, Church Street, St. Mary’s, The Tempest, Double Lead Through, Hobart’s Transformation, ennigmania, Humors of Ballingary, Captain John White, Rosewood, Antigonish Polka Medley, Free and Easy, Cuffy, Sleepy Lou, The Battle of the Somme, The Fireside Polka, The Hogmanay, Mrs. Grace Bowie, Swing Away, Rowe’s Division, The Dixie Bee Line, Bolger’s Hornpipe, All Hands Around, Miss Monaghan.


The Hammered Dulcimer Returns
he Hammered Dulcimer Returns!
Bill Spence with Fennig�s
All-Star String Band

An all instrumental effort with 34 great tunes on Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle and Piano from England, Ireland, Scotland, French Canada and our own Northeast.
FHR041 (CD) $12.00

Tunes include: Reel de Montreal, The Grand Chain, Pays de Haut, Pride of Petravore, Random Notes, Polly The Lass, Un Canadian Errant, Hunsden House, Bouchard’s Reel, Reel D’Onion, Fitzmaurice Polka, Juanita, La Grondeuse, Little St. Ann’s, Billy’s Chinese Tune, Glacky Hornpipe, The Quickstep, Young Scotty, Here Comes The Young Man, Jimmy McKinnon of Smeltbrook, Flowers of the Thorn, Dover Pier, Planxty McGuire, March of St. Timothy, Meeting of the Waters, Richard’s Jig,
Hat’s Off To Scotty!, Pete’s Peery Boat, Irish Lament, Reel de Chantier, Pont au Pic, The Slocket Light, Spootis Kerry, Jack’s Delight.

There were two songs on FHR-05 and one on FHR-01 which did not make it to "The Hammered Dulcimer" CD. You may download them as MP3 files dubbed from the original LP here. The first three are sung by Bill Spence. Georgia Railroad is sung by Tom McCreesh. In addition, here are the three instrumental medleys that were originally on FHR-05 "Saturday Night in the Provinces" that didn't make it to the CD.
To play the song, left click. To download to your computer, right click and select “Save target as...” or “Save link as...” then choose a folder to hold the MP3 file.

Times are Gettin' Hard
I Think of You

(Bruce Phillips)
Remember Me
(Scott Wiseman)
Georgia Railroad
Off To California, Harrison's 1, Star of the County Down

The Rose Tree, Green Fields of America, Staten Island

Star of Munster, Tom's Reel
(Trad./Tom McCreesh)